April 17, 2020

Dear Am-Gard Employees,

Governor Wolf has mandated that all essential employees wear a mask or face covering while working as of April 19, 2020, at 8pm. We know these items have not been available for a number of weeks. Am-Gard placed orders for masks two weeks ago but has not received them as of April 17, 2020. We have since ordered additional masks that we hope will be delivered next week. As masks are delivered, we will distribute them to our employees. Some masks will be cloth, washable, and reusable, other masks will be disposable. You are required to wear your mask when you arrive to work and for your entire shift. Your mask should cover both your nose and mouth. We remind you to still exercise frequent hand washing and social distancing. You can wash your mask in warm soapy dish soap and hang it to dry.
We have also ordered gloves that will also be distributed once received.
While we are awaiting our mask delivery, employees are asked to wear a face-covering of their own. This can be a mask, scarf, bandana, or other face-covering that covers both your nose and mouth that is business appropriate. We will distribute our masks as soon as they are received. Thank you for your continued service and dedication to your essential jobs. Stay safe and healthy!

Jennifer Boczar
Chief Operations Officer

General Mask Protocol

All individuals working will be required to wear a mask in order to work. The mask should cover your mouth and nose

  • If an employee refuses to wear a mask they will not be permitted in the building and will be unable to work

Masks must be work while in the building at all times except:

  • Break times, Eating, Smoking breaks

Individuals may bring a compliant face mask from home if they prefer
If you are using your own mask, please do not take a mask supplied by Am-Gard
Individuals masks cannot create a safety hazard and must be business appropriate
Industrial half masks or full face masks are not permitted
Am-Gard will distribute zip lock bags for the masks. When you are leaving or taking your mask off for a break, place your mask in the bag. If you have a disposable mask place the mask in the zip lock bag and dispose of it in the appropriate garbage can.
If you are given a cloth mask, place the mask in the bag when you leave work. Wash the mask gently in warm soapy water and air dry. Dispose of the bag.