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No matter if the customer is a local small business operator with a short term need or, a fortune 50 multi-national defense manufacturer, or a regional health care provider; we will deliver the right level of service to meet the need.

AM-GARD has provided services to over 125 municipal, state, and federal government agencies throughout Pennsylvania and the nation; our federal customers include the Department of Homeland Security-(DHS), Department of Defense-(DOD), and a variety of agencies like the Federal Emergency Management Agency-(FEMA), the Federal Communications Commission-(FCC), Transportation Security Administration-(TSA), and the National Aeronatics and Space Administration-(NASA).

AM-GARD has also secured many Top Secret installations as well, such as, The study for Gulf War Syndrome, the Center for Disease Control-(CDC) and many others located in Washington, D.C. and the states of Colorado and California.

AM-GARD personnel are assigned to guard national treasures ranging from the original “wax” print of Elvis’s “Love Me Tender” to the land and buildings that are Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Fallingwater”.

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